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Tired of disruptions due to overheating and dropped frames during your crucial video shoots?

Meet our Vigor CFexpress Type B – low power consumption, superior cooling, and seamless 8K RAW capture. Elevate your cinematic experience without interruptions.

Filming the project of a lifetime?

Avoid running out of space with up to 1TB storage capacity.

Supports leading cameras

Designed to perform at top levels with leading camera systems that require exceptional performance from storage media, such as the Nikon Z8 and Canon R5.

Looking for maximum speed?

Vigor CFexpress Type B offers extreme burst performance, high sustained write speeds, and unmatched reliability, ensuring a seamless cinematography experience.

Film longer on less power

Optimized to draw low power from host cameras even when recording RAW videos in 6K or 8K resolution.

“The Vigor Type B card is a fast, reliable card for professional photographers that exceeded my expectations. Delivering on speed, performance and capacity, the card performs extremely well in all temperatures and demanding conditions suiting active travellers. I recommend this exceptional card, your ultimate partner to capture limitless creativity on camera.”

Jeremy Flint




Physical information
Form factorCFexpress Type B
InterfacePCIe 3.0 (Supports NVMe 1.4)
Capacity / Part number1TB / EXPC3W001TB
512GB / EXPC3W512GB
256GB / EXPC3W256GB
Flash type3D TLC
Input voltage3.3V±5%
Power consumptionActive <3.0W; Idle <0.3W
Max. sequential read1,800 MB/s (1TB/512GB/256GB)
Max. sequential write1,700 MB/s (1TB/512GB/256GB)
Sustained read1,800 MB/s (1TB/512GB/256GB)
Sustained write1,700 MB/s (1TB/512GB)
900 MB/s (256GB)
Operational temperature-10°C ~ 70°C
Storage temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Max. TBW600 TB (1TB)
300 TB (512GB)
150 TB (256GB)
MTBF2,000,000 hours

Limited lifetime


Camera TypeBrandModel
Video cameraPanasonicLUMIX DC S1R / LUMIX DC S1
Phase OneiXM-100 / iXM-50 / iXM-RS150F / iSM-RS100F
Blackmagic DesignCinema Camera 6K
DSLR & mirrorless cameraCanonEOS 1DX MKIII / EOS R5 / EOS R5 C / EOS R3
FujifilmGFX100 II / X-H2S / X-H2
NikonZ9 / Z8 (Vigor) / Z 7II / Z 6II / Z7 / Z6 / D6 / D5 / D850 / D500

Flyer Download

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Exascend Cinematography Brochure2.32 MB
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Capacity1TB | 512GB1TB | 512GB | 256GB2TB | 1TB | 512GB | 256GB | 128GB2TB | 1TB1TB | 512GB | 256GB
Raw video resolution12K8K8K8K8K
Sustained read speed1,850 MB/s1,800 MB/s1,800 MB/s1,700 MB/s1,800 MB/s
Sustained write speed1,700 MB/s1,700 MB/s
900 MB/s (256GB)
1,400 MB/s
900 MB/s (256GB)
450 MB/s (128GB)
1,600 MB/s1,200 MB/s
900 MB/s (512GB)
450 MB/s (256GB)
Power consumptionActive <4.5WActive <3.0WActive <4.5WActive <4.5WActive <4.5W
Rugged designIP67 + WeatherproofWeatherproofWeatherproofWeatherproofWeatherproof
Key feature
  1. Best performance
  2. For burst RAW photography and video production
  3. VPG400-certified
  4. Heat optimized
  1. Most suitable for video production
  2. Lowest power
  3. Heat optimized
  1. Highest capacity
  2. For burst RAW photography
  1. RED-approved
  2. Certified for RED V-RAPTOR, V-RAPTOR XL & KOMODO-X
  1. Entry-level option
  2. Best value
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years3 years
Data Recovery✔️✔️✔️✔️-

Advanced Technology

How can we promise that our product delivers the highest performance and reliability?

We at Exascend are a team of engineers, with hardware design, firmware development and manufacturing all under one roof. We strive to listen to your feedback and leverage the newest technologies, so you never need to worry about nightmares like data loss or running out of space.


Our cutting-edge Afterburner™ technology ensures maximum performance, especially during fast-action or burst mode photography.

Data Retention Plus™

Our technology mitigates the risk of data integrity issues resulting from the natural degradation of flash storage – even under extreme workloads.


Our technology ensures unbeatable stable write performance – so you never need to worry about data loss or recording failures.

Adaptive Thermal Control

Overheating can lead to issues like frame drops and slowdowns. We prevent overheating from the get-go with this unique technology.


RAID ECC (Error-Correcting Code) is an advanced Exascend technology that avoids the risk of data loss and allows the storage device to rebuild even severely corrupted data.


With this exclusive technology, memory cards can handle both burst shooting and extended recording seamlessly – balancing performance and battery life.

Conformal Coating

Our Conformal Coating technology protects your Exascend SSD against environmental threats and makes sure that it is safe from elements like water and dust.

Yes, there are even more technologies behind our products!

We have developed a wide range of technologies to provide filmmakers and content creators with maximum capacity, performance and reliability throughout the whole video production workflow.

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What is the difference between CFexpress and CFast 2.0?

CFast 2.0 was released in 2012 and supports SATA-III interface with speeds up to 600MB/s. CFexpress was released in 2017 and leverages NVMe PCIe interface. Each CFexpress card has 1 to 4 lanes, which means they can transfer data at 1,000 MB/s to 4,000 MB/s.

What is the difference between CFexpress Type A and Type B?

CFexpress Type A and CFexpress Type B memory cards are both PCIe-based, although their physical dimensions and transfer speeds differ. CFexpress Type B measures 29.8mm(Width)*38.5mm(Height)*3.8mm(Thickness), whereas CFexpress Type A measures 20mm(Width) x 28mm(Height) x 2.8mm(Thickness).

Type A cards can theoretically transfer 1,000MB/s, while Type B cards can theoretically transfer 2,000MB/s.

What is the difference between CFexpress Type A, Type B and Type C?

These types of memory cards have different numbers of data lanes. The more lanes, the faster the transfer speed.

Type A cards can theoretically transfer 1,000MB/s, Type B cards can theoretically transfer 2,000MB/s, and Type C cards can potentially achieve 4,000MB/s.

Are CFexpress Type B cards the same as XQD cards?

While CFexpress Type B and XQD cards have the same physical dimensions and pin layout, they use different protocols and run at different theoretical speeds. XQD cards max out at 1,000 MB/s, while CFexpress Type B cards max out at 2,000 MB/s.

Can I use my CFexpress Type B card in an XQD slot?

For cameras with XQD slots, a firmware upgrade is required to enable CFexpress compatibility. Please check your host device’s compatibility with your camera manufacturer.

Do you also offer a CFexpress memory card reader?

Yes, we offer our single-slot, ultra-fast 20 Gbps CFexpress Type B reader for achieving 2,000 MB/s transfer speeds.

Which cameras use CFexpress Type B cards?

Some current cameras with CFexpress Type B card slots include:

Nikon Z6/Z7
Nikon Z6 II/Z7 II
Nikon Z8
Nikon Z9
Nikon D6
Nikon D850
Canon EOS R5
Canon C500 Mark II
Canon EOS-1D X Mark III
Canon EOS R3
Panasonic Lumix S1 / S1R
Fujifilm GFX100 II
Fujifilm X-H2S / X-H2

What is limited lifetime warranty?

Exascend defines our lifetime warranty as a warranty that is valid for as long as the product is owned by the customer. Lifetime warranties may not be recognized in certain countries or regions, such as Germany and Canada. Please check your local laws.

Key Features

Unleash endless creativity

Designed for extended shoots and continuous recording.

Never miss a shot

Combines premium 3D NAND flash memory with a PCIe controller to deliver extreme read and write speeds of 1,800 MB/s and 1,700 MB/s.


Built to perform in extreme temperatures and most demanding environments.

Keep it cool

Offers superior cooling efficiency with low power consumption, so you can say goodbye to overheating and frame drops.

Slim and sleek design

CFexpress 2.0 Type B form factor.

Guaranteed for life

Generous limited-lifetime warranty and data recovery.

Optimize your video production workflow

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