About Exascend

With Exascend’s storage solutions, your perfect shot is in safe hands. Every time.

Our purpose

At Exascend, we are driven by a passion for empowering cinematographers to reach new creative heights. Our journey began in 2016 when we established the company, inspired by the idea of “exabyte” storage capacity that can “ascend” to meet any data storage need.

We started by providing robust SSD solutions for industrial and enterprise applications. Then in 2020, we brought our technical capabilities to the world of cinema, with the goal of giving photographers and filmmakers the storage products they need to capture limitless creativity on camera.

Having the right storage solution is critical for today’s cutting-edge cinema cameras that produce incredibly high-resolution files at high frame rates. We work hand-in-hand with leading camera manufacturers to develop perfectly matched storage systems that can keep up with modern cinema camera requirements. This ensures you have reliable storage that lets you focus on the art of cinematography.

At Exascend, we are committed to pushing storage innovation further to stay ahead of the camera technology curve. No matter how demanding your next cinema camera or filming project may be, you can trust us to deliver the high performance, reliable storage that gives you the safety net to create your best work. Our solutions let visual storytellers reach new creative heights, which is what inspires our team every day.

Frank Chen

CEO and Founder

“Exascend started out of a desire to build innovative products where others would not venture. We are continuously exploring new frontiers – not just for data storage itself, but for what it enables our customers to achieve.”

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