CFast 2.0 – Single-slot Card Reader (10 Gbps)


ESD and overload protection




Ever found your creative flow disrupted by slow file transfers?

Say goodbye to waiting – our CFast card reader turns downtime into cinematic efficiency.

Made for professionals

No matter if you are a videographer, photographer, influencer, blogger or content creator – we provide you with fast data access.

Increase workflow efficiency

Our CFast memory card reader transfers big amounts of footage with light-speed. Move your high resolution photos and 4K RAW videos from your camera to other devices in the blink of an eye.

Experience effortless connectivity

Smooth USB 2.0 – 3.1 & Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, ensuring lightning-fast data transfers on your Mac, PC or other devices. Simply plug and play for instant access to your files.

Designed for extreme environments

Be prepared for any adventure, whether it’s transferring data during a snowy expedition or capturing the heat of the desert, our card reader provides you with durable performance.



Physical information
Part numberEXCRCFT1
Dimensions60.6mm x 62.6mm x 15.3mm
Connection interfaceUSB 3.2 10Gbps
USB typeUSB Type-C
AccessoriesUSB Type-C to USB Type-A cable
Memory card supportedCFast 2.0 Type I
Operational temperature-10°C ~ 50°C
Warranty2 years

Flyer Download

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What type of memory card does the CFast 2.0 Card Reader support?

Exascend’s CFast 2.0 – Single-slot Card Reader (10 Gbps) supports any CFast 2.0 Type I card (3.3mm thick). It is not possible, however, to fit a CFast Type II card (5mm thick) into our CFast 2.0 Card Reader. The good thing is that most CFast cards on the market are Type I cards, so there is little chance you will encounter an incompatibility problem.

Key Features

High speed data transfer

Featuring USB 3.2 interface, our CFast 2.0 reader provides up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds.

Cinematic power on-the-go

Our durable and portable aluminum card reader – designed for peak performance in a compact form, ensuring top-tier experiences anytime, anywhere.

Maximum CFast performance

Designed as a perfect match for CFast 2.0 memory cards, according to the CompactFlash® Association specifications.

We have your back

2-year warranty.

Perfectly equipped

Comes with both USB Type-C & USB Type-A cables for broad compatibility and ease of use.

Optimize your video production workflow

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