Exascend CFexpress Type B Joins Fujifilm AVL as GFX100 II Launches

Fujifilm unveiled its highly anticipated GFX100 II camera at the scenic Gardens by the Bay Supertree Observatory in Singapore on Monday, the 25th of September 2023, to a gathering of photographers, industry experts, and journalists.

Fujifilm unveiled its highly anticipated GFX100 II camera at the scenic Gardens by the Bay Supertree Observatory in Singapore on Monday, the 25th of September 2023, to a gathering of photographers, industry experts, and journalists. Exascend’s CFexpress Type B card lineup, the certified storage media for the GFX100 II, was showcased at the launch event as a key partner.

Exascend CFexpress Type B – cards approved by Fujifilm for the GFX100 II, X-H2S, and X-H2

Exascend’s CFexpress Type B card line includes the flagship Nitro, which is both VPG400 and IP67 certified and is excellent for continuous shooting at high frame rates; the Essential, which, with capacities up to 2TB and outstanding performance, has become a favorite among professional photographers; and the starter Element, which offers high cost-performance and is ideal for switching from SD to CFexpress Type B.

All three of Exascend’s CFexpress Type B cards – Nitro, Essential, and Element – have been tested and certified by Fujifilm and are on the Fujifilm Approved Vendor List (AVL). This demonstrates the cards’ impeccable performance and stability, as well as how Exascend’s innovative storage solutions can be seamlessly integrated into photographers’ workflow while maintaining data security and efficiency.

In addition to the GFX100 II, Exascend’s CFexpress Type B cards also support the X-H2S & X-H2.

GFX100 II, Fujifilm’s new medium format mirrorless camera powerhouse

The GFX100 II – Fujifilm’s new flagship medium format mirrorless camera – has turned many heads since its release was first rumored. With significant improvements over predecessors, GFX100 II delivers outstanding continuous shooting, autofocus, and video capabilities. Besides adopting a smaller grip design for a better price, the camera features a 102-megapixel high-speed sensor (GFX 102MP CMOS II HS), an X-Processor 5.0 image processor, 8K video, 8fps burst photography, and improved autofocus speeds.

The GFX100 II offers stunning imaging quality thanks to its medium-format sensor that produces rich tonal reproduction and strong spatial perception. With an upgraded high-speed sensor and image processor, GFX series cameras now feature the highly acclaimed X-H2S predictive Autofocus algorithm developed using AI object detection and deep learning technologies. In addition, continuous recording performance has increased from 4.5fps to 8fps, allowing for the inclusion of sports, wildlife, news photography and other categories that require high burst speeds.

Pricing & availability

Exascend CFexpress Type B cards can be ordered from our Amazon brand store or through Exascend’s global distribution partners. Key product highlights include:

  • Sustained write speeds of up to 1,700 MB/s
  • 8K & 12K RAW capabilities
  • High capacity of up to 1 TB (Nitro, Element) or 2 TB (Essential)
  • IP67-certified dust and water resistance
  • Ultra-thin graphene heat spreaders for thermal efficiency (Nitro CFexpress)
Series Nitro Essential Element
Card Type CFexpress Type B
Capacity 512GB–1TB 128GB–2TB 256GB–1TB
Sustained read
(up to)
1,850 MB/s 1,800 MB/s 1,800 MB/s
Sustained write
(up to)
1,700 MB/s 1,400 MB/s 1,200 MB/s
VPG400-certified ✔️
IP67-rated ✔️
Model Number EXPC3N001TB
ProRes/ProResHQ ✔️ 8K
✔️ 6.2K/5.8K*7
✔️ 4K
✔️ FHD
✔️ 8K
✔️ 6.2K/5.8K*7
✔️ 4K
✔️ FHD
✔️ 8K
✔️ 6.2K/5.8K*7
✔️ 4K
✔️ FHD
H.264/H.265 ✔️ 8K/6.2K/4K/FHD ✔️ 8K/6.2K/4K/FHD ✔️ 8K/6.2K/4K/FHD
Still ✔️ Burst ✔️ Burst ✔️ Burst
Warranty 5-year 5-year 3-year

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