Tame the KOMODO dragon with RED-approved Exascend Archon CFast

Exascend's RED-approved Archon CFast 2.0 brings incredible performance to RED KOMODO. See what our friends in the creator community had to say about it inside.

Dangerously powerful and completely fearless in any environment. A dragon? Sure. But, more importantly, that’s our brand-new Exascend Archon CFast – designed for RED KOMODO.

Combining our background in industrial-grade and enterprise-class flash storage with our passion for cinematography, the Exascend Archon CFast cards brings extreme performance and industry-level toughness. No shoot is too demanding for these cards.

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

That’s why we asked RED to put the Exascend Archon CFast through their tough certification program, undergoing some serious rounds of testing to make sure that it lives up to all requirements – performance and otherwise.

Spoiler alert: our CFast cards passed with flying colors, earning them the exclusive RED Approved rating.

Next up, we wanted to give some of our friends in the creator community the chance to take Exascend Archon CFast for a spin in their RED KOMODO systems. Check out what some of them had to say in the videos below:

Tyler Edwards

Kashilembo Wabu

Rean Thort

Thanks to Tyler, Kashilembo and Rean for their reviews (and make sure to subscribe to their channels)!

Want to take Exascend CFast for a spin yourself? Head on over to B&H Photo Video and place an order right away or reach out to us for detailed purchasing information.

Check out the Exascend Archon CFast product page.

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